Fitness Myth: Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

August 6, 2015

Ron Le fitness


FALSE! The common misconception comes from the volume/density of the two. Muscle is much more dense than fat. Therefore 5lbs of muscle will take up less room than 5lbs of fat.

The picture above is a good example of why people might believe this myth. Sometimes when people start weight training the scale might say that their weight is going up but their waist will make it seem like its going down. Or when some people are losing weight they look different but the scale stays about the same. In both cases it’s because you’re gaining muscle you didn’t have before or losing fat while gaining muscle. This is where the fitness myth comes into play.

This is also why you can put two girls or guys who weigh the same but one may look skinnier or more toned than the other.

A pound is a pound. Even if its fat, muscles, rocks, or even feathers a pound is still a pound. How much room one or the other takes is a different story though.


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