The Four Killers of Workout Consistency

January 17, 2015

A key component to successfully reaching a fitness goal is consistency.  When someone is consistently working out, they will reach their goals sooner and produce results faster.  Working as a Pasadena personal trainer over the years in Pasadena CA I have come to realize that it is vital to keep clients consistent in order to help them reach their goals.  As soon as I see one of these workout killers listed below, I immediately focus on my clients and do whatever I can to get them back into the gym.

 1)  Injuries – Pasadena personal trainers want their clients to reach their goals as soon as possible because clients who get results are more likely to continue personal training.  In order to do this you have to rehabilitate and strengthen weaknesses along the way to prevent injuries.  Good Pasadena personal trainers realize that if the intensity of the personal training session increases rapidly then so will the rate of progress.  After all, a huge indicator of how someone looks (but not always) is how they perform.  However, it is important not to take shortcuts and overlook any weaknesses in order to push clients too hard too fast.  Rushing towards the fitness goal and exercising too intensely will likely cause injuries and actually delay the process.  Once personal training clients are injured they will have to take time off from working out.  When someone is new to working out they will gain weight and lose strength even from taking a small break to recover.  Once the routine breaks it is also very difficult to motivate personal training clients to get back into the gym.

2)  Vacation – Pasadena personal trainers love their clients, but they get worried when their clients go on vacation.  We know that when clients are on vacation they want to relax and have fun.  Having fun usually doesn’t include going to the gym to work out.  It also means eating a lot of tasty food that is not part of the nutrition plan.  Once clients return they often gained weight.  Vacation breaks the flow and slows down progress.

3)  Sickness – When clients are sick it breaks all sorts of routine.  Often clients will miss work.  Their sleep patterns are disrupted. Sickness means that working out will hardly be a priority.

4)  Negative motivation from friends and family – Misery loves company.  I have trained clients who lost a significant amount of weight and improved their health.  However, as people around them start to notice some begin to get jealous.  These people will start sabotaging the client with negative thoughts.

By: Pasadena Personal Trainer Ron Le

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