Client Update|Kenny

January 12, 2015

Kenny's before and after.
Kenny’s before and after.

I am so proud of my client Kenny for his hard work and dedication both in and out of the gym.  He came to me with a goal to lose his gut and to get some abs on his initial consultation.  I told him that I would be able to get him there in six months if he dedicated his time to the “Ron Le Fitness Personal Training” program that I had set up for him.

His Before:

Kenny's before front view.
Kenny’s before picture (front view).

Well, about six months later, we were able to lose a total of 10% body fat, gained a tremendous amount strength and lean muscle mass and so much more.  Kenny began not being able to do a single pull-up but is now capable of doing weighted pull-ups with 20lbs of additional weight along with the ability to do so much more which was thought to be impossible before.

His After:

Kenny's after picture (front view).
Kenny’s after picture (front view).
Kenny's after picture (side view).
Kenny’s after picture (side view).
Kenny's after picture (back view).
Kenny’s after picture (back view).

The amazing part is that we were able to accomplish all of this while training together for  1-1.5 hours a week.  This clearly shows that if you know what you are doing then it is completely possible to obtain results without spending hours on end in the gym.  Not having enough time is no longer a valid reason to not obtain your fitness goals.  Kenny is a clear example of that.  With the right programming and guidance you can definitely reach your goals.

With the new year here I hope that everyone works for a happier and healthier future.  Our time on earth is very limited! Getting healthier is truly the fountain of youth so let’s make it happen!  Cheers to the new year and an even better you!


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