Client Update|Van

October 17, 2014

Recently Van, a past client of mine, just finished the Long Beach Marathon and I couldn’t be more happy and proud of him! While working with him he was always, and to this day still is, one of the hardest, most dedicated clients I had. Van followed everything to a the T and the results he received in the amount of time it took was insane! Without a doubt he saw what he wanted and took control of his own life!

Although Van was able to reach such a milestone while training with me it did not stop there when the training stopped. He continues to live a happier, healthier lifestyle while staying active and has found some wonderful new hobbies that gets him out and about. Seeing my past clients continue life with things that I have taught them shows me that I am doing something right. I love seeing them continue to stay in shape and lead positive lives. Things like this make me feel like I really am making a difference and transforming lives through fitness.




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