Three Components For A Successful Weight-Loss Program

These three components must all be properly programmed in order for the program to work. As an experienced trainer in Pasadena, CA I highly recommend that you do your research on trainers. IF your personal trainer fails to program for any of these then you will most likely get slow to no results!

  1. Weight-Lifting: In order to have sustainable weight loss you must lift weights throughout your fitness program. Studies show that most women will lift weights that are far too light, even when working with a personal trainer. A common misconception out there is that when women lift heavier weights it will cause them to get big/bulky rather than smaller/more toned. This is far from the truth. People gain weight when they are consuming more calories than they are burning. Without a vast amount of calories or excess amount it is impossible to get big or bulky. Ask yourself this question. Will lifting 200lbs burn more calories than 20lbs? The answer is of course! Because it requires more energy to lift 200lbs than it does 20lbs, and after all “calorie” is just another word for “energy.” Also, if you want to speed up your metabolism then you absolutely need to build muscle since a pound of muscle burns four times the amount of calories a pound of fat does during rest. If you choose not to lift weights during your weight loss journey you will be losing weight that comes from both fat and muscle! The secret is in retaining as much muscle as you can while you burn the fat! That is how you achieve the “toned” look. Being “toned” requires muscles to give the sculpted look and low body fat. The benefits of lifting weights far outweigh the reasons not to.
  2. Nutrition: Over the years working as a trainer I’ve come to realize that when my clients are eating the right type of foods and the right amount of calories while combining that with a proper weight-lifting and cardio program they will lose weight no matter what. The secret is not to overeat or UNDEREAT calories. Although counting calories is not the end-all-be-all it is a key component during weight loss. There have been numerous times where I’ve been able to help push a client through a weight loss plateau simply by increasing their calories or I’ve realized that they are under-eating which in turn has cause them to not lose weight at all. These details are key and something that your personal trainer should be paying attention to. *(Always consult a professional when manipulating your calorie intake).
  3. Cardio: Many personal trainers fail at helping their clients achieve results by missing this essential component of a weight loss program. From my personal experience I have never seen anyone successfully lose weight and keep it off by not doing cardio. Given there are different types of cardio; this doesn’t only mean running on a treadmill. I keep my personal training clients accountable by programming and forcing them to do cardio even if they hate it. I understand that it is long and boring so I make my cardio programs short and challenging. It is not enough just to tell your clients to go do cardio for an hour after a personal training session or run around for a certain distance. You must program for that allotted time period and tell them exactly what needs to be done. And just like with weight lifting there needs to be progression with the cardio component as well! The key is to have what type, how much, and how often lined up for them.

All of these components should be specifically programmed for each person and their goals, whether short term or long term. With these three steps a healthy, lasting weight loss will be achieved.


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