5 Hikes In the Los Angeles Area

Hiking can be a wonderful way to live a healthy, active lifestyle.  If you’re looking for a change in your cardio routine try giving one of these hikes around the Los Angeles area a chance.  Remember to apply plenty of sunblock and bring water and snacks/lunch for those longer hikes.  Also, depending on the weather you might want to start in the morning since as the day goes on it will get hotter.  These hikes will range in all levels from novice to expert hikers.  Here are five hikes for you all to enjoy.

Sturtevant Falls:
-Pasadena, CA
-about 3.7 miles
-about 1-3 hours

Griffith Park (Hollywood Sign):
-Los Angeles, CA
-about 4.3 miles
-about 1-3 hours

East Fork of the San Gabriel River (Bridge to Nowhere):
-Azusa, CA
-about 10.2 miles
-about half a day

Eaton Canyon:
-Altadena, CA
-about 3.8 miles
-about 1.3 miles

Chantry Flats Loop (Mt. Zion, Sturtevant Camp and Falls:
-Sierra Madre, CA
-about 8.8 miles
-about half a day

If you’re new to hiking or thinking about doing the more difficult hikes I recommend reading up on the trails before hand for some tips for the hike and about the trail.

Happy Hiking Everyone!!