Nutrition Myth: The 2000 Calorie Diet

It is often said that our diet should consist of 2000 calories a day, but that is myth.

The reason for that is because it is based on the average male. However, as we know we all come in different shapes and sizes. Because we come in such a vast variety of shapes and sizes the amount of calories each person should be consuming can differ drastically from person to person. It should be based on age, sex, weight, goals, and fitness activity.

Different scenarios:
-just to maintain your current weight without any physical activity can be as low as 1300 calories to as much as 2000+ calories depending on your age, sex, and size
-a person 5’2″ tall would consume way less than a 6′ tall person
-a male trying to gain weight might consume 3000 or more calories per day depending how active they are.
-for some active males a 3000 (or close to it) calorie diet might be needed to maintain
-for a woman trying to lose weight she might be told to consume 1400 calories (a deficit from her normal calorie intake) at first and then have it fluctuate depending where she is at in her goal or if she’s reaching a plateau.

For every person this will differ greatly. But the most important thing is to make sure you are eating enough and the right types of food. There is also such thing as under eating…even with weight loss. Not consuming enough calories could be doing more harm to your weight loss regiment than helping. No matter your fitness or health goals a proper diet will always be key. When manipulating your caloric intake always consult a professional.


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