Losing Weight Too Fast???

April 23, 2014

Research shows that the recommended amount of weight to lose is approximately one to two pounds a week, or approximately half a percent of body fat. You can definitely lose more than two pounds a week, but the additional amount will usually be muscle or water weight. As soon as you rehydrate you will regain the water weight, and losing muscle mass means a decrease resting metabolic rate.

The safest and most permanent way to lose weight is a slow and gradual one. Doing it the right way will have a higher rate of ensuring that you lose body fat versus muscle. However, this should not discourage you from setting huge goals of losing for eg. 50-100lbs! There is no amount of weight that is too unrealistic to lose! There are only unrealistic deadlines!!!!! You can’t lose 30 pounds in 30 days unless you weigh 300-400+lbs! However, this will not stop you from losing 70lb-100lbs in a year!

So keep striving to attain your goals!  You are closer than you think!

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