The four essential components of a perfect personal training program

January 16, 2014

With so many awesome gyms and an array of personal trainers available in Pasadena, San Marino, Altadena, La Canada, and other beautiful neighboring cities in the San Gabriel Valley it can be difficult to select the proper personal training program.  After many years and thousands of personal training sessions, I have found that the four following components are essential for a successful personal training program:  goal setting, program design, nutrition, and accountability.

Goal setting – The start of personal training is goal setting.  A well established personal training program will educate and assist clients into making challenging goals that are attainable with appropriate deadlines.  When matched with the perfect personal trainer, no personal training goals are impossible to reach when given enough time to accomplish.  There are no unrealistic goals, only unreasonable deadlines.  Great personal training programs will allow clients to measure their fitness success objectively.  Since numbers do not lie, a great personal training program should allow for progress to be tracked by numbers (eg. body fat percentage, strength increases in pounds).

Program design – A well written personal training program should be designed so that it is appropriate to your current fitness levels and mindful of your desired goal.  A personal training program should focus on appropriate exercise selection that will allow you to reach your goal safely in the shortest amount of time.  A personal training program should be constructed to achieve permanent results.

Nutrition – A complete personal training program will teach you what to eat, how often you should eat, how much to eat, and when is the best time to eat different types of food to help you reach your specific goals.  Personal trainers should provide lists of food you should eat, list of food to stay away from, and even allow you to pick things that you enjoy eating and still be able to reach your goal.  Nutrition will vary from client to client therefore a legit personal training program should allow clients to be dynamic with their nutrition.

Accountability – Another crucial aspect of personal training is the accountability factor.  In an ideal personal training program, clients should be measured every seven days in order to track their progress and hold them accountable.  A personal training program that permits frequent measurements will allow clients to see patterns.  The weekly measurements teach clients what habits they should avoid and which they should keep.  Personal training programs that measurement monthly are too infrequent and will not serve the purpose of presenting clients with useful information since most people cannot remember details of their food intake, cardio, weight training for so long.  Personal training programs that have weekly measurements also allow less time to be wasted when clients are off track, because the personal trainer is more aware of situation.