Qualities of a great Pasadena Personal Trainer

January 13, 2014

The perfect personal trainer is an awesome individual.  He/she should be a role model to clients both physically and mentally.  The perfect personal trainer is a genuinely nice person who truly cares about each and every person they have made a promise to work with and must aim to help to the best of their ability.   A personal trainer should be leading by example both in the way they look and the way they perform.  This does not mean that they are required to be marvel superheroes with muscles rippling through their shirts or attain speed comparable to the flash.  However, not all things can be learned through books, and therefore when a personal trainer puts himself through a specific program, they will truly learn about the program.  How else will you know what it feels like to put 300 pounds on your back and squat it?  Knowing how it feels will allow a personal trainer to empathize and realize how their clients are feeling while going through the same training program.  A personal trainer needs to be concerned enough to do research and continue their education daily so that they can be better equipped to help answer all of their clients questions.  A great personal trainer should be smart, mentally strong, positive, ambitious, and they should be just as concern or even more worried than their own personal training clients when goals are not met.  A personal trainer should be certified by a Nationally Accredited organization.  It is not a fact that personal trainers who are certified are better trainers.  However, certifications are a minimal requirement and a true master of their craft should be eager enough to earn their title.

By: Ron Le Fitness CPT