Bad Choice vs Better Replacement

January 1, 2014

Bad Choice vs. Replacements (may not be the best )

Whole milk vs. non fat, skim or 1%

White bread vs. 100% whole wheat or rye

Fried chicken vs. broiled, baked, or skinless chicken

Ham vs. turkey / chicken breast

Jello vs. sugar free jello

Sugary cereals vs. old fashion whole oats (eg. Quaker oats)

French fries vs baked potato

Supermarket oils v spam cooking spray extra virgin olive oil

Prime rib vs round steak, lean sirloin

Regular soda vs crystal lite, diet soda

Fruit drinks vs 100% fruit drinks

Table sugar vs equal , sweet and low, stevia

Sugar and sweets vs fruits

Canned fruit in syrup vs fresh fruits

Cheese vs low or nonfat cheese

Whole eggs vs egg whites

Doughnuts vs bagels, English muffins

Doritos, potato chips vs. baked tortilla chip

Regular crackers vs. rice cakes, rye crackers

Tuna in oil vs tuna packed in water

Buttered popcorn vs light microwave or air popped popcorn