The secret to permanent weight loss

October 6, 2013

The key to permanent weight loss is by losing it slowly through an increased ability to exercise.  You have to think of losing weight as a marathon and not a sprint.  In fact, weight loss is a lifelong struggle.  Once you lose the weight you have to be able to keep it off.   Therefore, it is much easier to keep it off if you are more proficient at exercising.  Think of your fat cells as a reservoir of excess energy.  Calorie is just another word for energy.  Now you have to produce a game plan to efficiently burn excess calorie.   In my opinion, it is much more permanent and feasible to increase your ability to burn energy rather than refraining yourself from eating too much.  You can only decrease your food intake so much until you are eating nearly nothing.  However, you can always run longer and there will always be more weight to lift.  If you want to achieve permanent weight loss, then you must focus on losing fat without sacrificing muscle.  Don’t be confused by the number you see only on the scale.  More muscle equals a faster metabolism.  So losing muscle leads to having a slower metabolism.  That is the reason why people “yoyo” on their weight loss journey.