How to get that stubborn six pack!

September 20, 2013

The reality is we all already have a six pack or eight pack.  Now whether it shows or not depends on the amount of body fat we contain.

Many of my personal training clients often have “getting a six pack” as one of their goals.  They usually ask me, “What exercises should I do to get my abs showing?”  To their surprise the answer is to focus less on isolated abdominal exercises such as situps or crunches and to focus on lowering overall body fat.

The best way to lower body fat is to focus on your nutrition, aerobics, and compound resistance movements (squats, deadlifts, etc.).  Compound resistance movements burn more fat than an isolation abdominal exercise.  So hit the weights!  “Ab exercises” will strengthen the core but will not burn nearly as much body fat or even enough body fat to achieve those desired abs.  If the majority of your program consists of core work instead of fat burning work you will have a stronger core but it will take you much longer to see your abs. This doesn’t mean that you should neglect working out your abdominal region though.  Having a strong core is important in aiding overall physical health.  However, that is a whole other subject to be touched upon in a later post.

All in all the key to “abs” is a combination of the above mentioned: nutrition, aerobics, and compound resistance movements.  So to be the bearer of bad news all those “ab routines” will not get you the desired look but rather a combination of putting in work doing all of the above will get that stubborn six (or eight) pack to show.